A member of the Committee for Protection of Kempir-Abad reservoir, held in Bishkek remand center 1 on charges of organizing mass riots to seize power, Marat Bayazov, stopped his hunger strike. His lawyer Erkin Sadanbekov confirmed the information to 24​.kg news agency.

Thus, all arrested politicians, activists and bloggers, who participated in the hunger strike, ended it. The National Center for Prevention of Torture of the Kyrgyz Republic draws the attention of the medical service of the State Penitentiary Service to the need for careful and constant monitoring of the withdrawal of the people from the process.

The Committee for protection of Kempir-Abad reservoir was created on October 22. It includes activists, politicians and MPs. On the same day, in an interview with Kabar news agency, President Sadyr Japarov said: the authorities have information who was behind the rallies and marches on Kempir-Abad issue.

Mass arrests began on October 23. Authorities placed 26 people in jail on charges of preparing for riots.

A number of international human rights organizations such as the International Partnership for Human Rights (IPHR), the World Organization Against Torture (OMCT), the Norwegian Helsinki Committee (NHC), the Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights (HFHR), Freedom Now and others issued a statement calling for the immediate release of politicians and activists arrested in Kyrgyzstan.





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